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Office of Human Resources : state-office-complex

 State Office Building Complex

In case of an Emergency CALL:

  • Department of General Services Police 410-767-4793
  • Emergency 911
  • Non Life Threatening 311

 Safety Tips:

  •   Keep the inside of your car free of anything of possible interest.
  • When driving or leaving your car, always roll up the windows and lock the car. 
  • Keep purses/wallets hidden. 
  • If you think you are being followed go to a place where there are lots of people and get on your cell phone. 
  • If you think you are being followed in your car, drive to the nearest police station, activate your security alarm, and flash your lights. 
  • Always check inside and outside your car before getting in. 
  • Avoid parking in isolated areas. 
  • Use well lit public transportation stops. 
  • If being harassed scream "leave me alone" or call for help. 
  • If someone tries to rob you don't resist, it's not worth your life! 
  • Report a crime or suspicious activity as soon as possible. 
  • Request a Security Police escort to your car if working later. 
  • Do not use elevators when there is a fire drill. 
  • Do not activate fire alarm boxes if there is a bomb threat. 
  • Elevators are equipped with phones, read directions to use. 
  • Visit the Crime Prevention Website for more information,
  • Know where cardiac defibrillators are located in each building.