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MHHD : workforce-diversity-links

Related Links


Health Workforce Information Center

The Health Workforce Information Center is

a comprehensive online library assist in finding and staying up-to-date on health workforce programs and funding sources; workforce data, research and policy; and educational opportunities and models.   


Mayo Clinic – Diversity Resources

This Website, provided by the Mayo Clinic, offers resources on patient diversity, religious diversity, and workplace diversity, as well as resources on racial/ethnic populations. is a free, multi-disciplinary, interactive health careers website designed to explain the array of health professions and provide easy access to students seeking information about health careers. This website is a joint initiative involving national foundations, professional associations, health career advisors, educational institutions, and college students. .


Quality Interactions    

Quality Interactions is an e-learning program that provides case-based instruction on cross-cultural health care for physicians, nurses, and healthcare staff.  The program can be accessed at . 


National Council on Interpreting in Health Care

The National Council on Interpreting in Health Care is a multidisciplinary organization based in the United States whose mission is to promote culturally competent professional health care interpreting as a means to support equal access to health care for individuals with limited English proficiency.  


Kids Into Health Careers

An initiative launched by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to encourage minority representation in health careers.  

300 Ways to Put Your Talent to Work in the Health Field

An extensive guide to health careers, this resource includes career descriptions, plus information on work setting, education and salary for more than 300 careers. It also lists more than 150 organizations offering additional resources. (June 2002)  


Maryland Health Careers - Schools

A website that provides links to schools that offer undergraduate and graduate programs in nursing, allied health, and medicine. Information on programs in Maryland, as well as throughout the country, is provided.

An Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) campaign to increase diversity in medicine. It is a researched-based outreach campaign to raise awareness of the need for more diversity in medicine.


Health Resources and Services Administration – Cultural Competence Resources for Health Care Providers

Provides links to a variety of resources for health care providers including: assessment tools; cultural/language, disease/condition, and special populations resources; health professions education; research; technical assistance; and training resources.


UMDNJ Center for Cultural Competency

The primary focus of this initiative is the development of a culturally competent organization, where cultural competency is linked to its mission, vision and values. In addition, through a partnership with the New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) Hispanic Center of Excellence , which champions diversity, the project seeks to establish University-wide cultural competence standards that will be incorporated through education and training of faculty, staff and students.


National Center for Cultural Competence – Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development

The mission of the National Center for Cultural Competence (NCCC) is to increase the capacity of health and mental health programs to design, implement, and evaluate culturally and linguistically competent service delivery systems. Visit the website for a variety of information on cultural and linguistic competency.


An Annotated Bibliography: Evaluations of Pipeline Development Programs Designed to Increase Diversity in the Health Professions  

This document provides an annotated bibliography of a comprehensive review of the research literature that evaluates the effectiveness of health career oriented pipeline programs for minority students.


Think Cultural Health:  Bridging the Health Care Gap through Cultural Competency Continuing Education Programs

This site, sponsored by the Office of Minority Health (OMH), offers resources and tools to promote cultural competency in health care. The program, A Family Physician’s Practical Guide to Culturally Competent Care is a free online educational program accredited for physicians, nurses, and pharmacists. Culturally Competent Nursing Care: A Cornerstone of Caring is a free online educational program designed specifically for nurses and is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.


Think Cultural Health: Health Care Language Services Implementation Guide

The Health Care Language Services Implementation Guide , sponsored by the Office of Minority Health (OMH) is a Web-based interactive tool that can assist healthcare organizations in planning, implementing, and evaluating language access services to better serve their limited English proficiency patient population and decrease disparities in access to healthcare.