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MA4FAMILIES : providers

“It’s not just for kids anymore.”


Medical Assistance for Families

Information for Providers

Medical Assistance for Families can provide comprehensive health care coverage to parents with dependent children and other family members caring for children. Families with incomes up to 116% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) or about $21,200 annually for a family of three are now covered.

Prior to July 1, 2008,Medical Assistance would cover children in families with incomes up to 300% of the FPL or about $53,000 annually for a family of three, but would only cover their parents or other family members caring for children with incomes up to approximately 30% of the FPL or about $6,000 annually for a family of three.  As a result of our recent expansion, many more parents and other family members caring for children are now eligible for Medical Assistance.  

Benefits for parents and other family members caring for children are the same as those currently available under Medical Assistance.  Most recipients will be required to enroll in Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) through the HealthChoice Program.  For benefit and MCO information Click Here

Don’t Forget…  

If you serve children or pregnant women, you are probably familiar with the Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP). There has been no change in the qualifying income levels for MCHP. Children under age 19 and pregnant women are eligible for Medical Assistance or MCHP at even higher income levels than Medical Assistance for Families. For more information on the income levels for the various programs.

What has changed?

There are several changes which make it easier to apply for Medical Assistance for Families.  We made changes which include:
  • No asset limit
  • No face-to-face interview required;
  • Single application for families, pregnant women, and children;
  • Option to complete an application online; print and mail in or fax the completed and signed application; or
  • Option to apply online for Medical Assistance along with other social service programs via the Service Access Information Link (SAIL) system; and Local Health Departments  are now processing applications for families in addition to processing applications for pregnant women and children. How Can Provider Offices Help?

    Please help by taking the following steps: 
  • Download and display the pamphlets, income eligibility charts, and applications that are available from the outreach link, Click Here
  • Hand out the Medical Assistance for Families discreet wallet size card to all your uninsured patients; and
  • Ask your uninsured patients if any children in the family have Medical Assistance. 

Because of the expansion, their parents or caretaker relatives might now be eligible too. Please encourage them to apply for Medical Assistance for Families. While not all parents will qualify, the only way to know for sure is if they apply.

How Can Families Apply

Other Tips

  • Please urge your patients to keep their mailing address up to date with their local eligibility office (Local Health Department or Local Department of Social Services). This is necessary to make sure they receive their cards and renewal information.
  • Be sure to tell your patients which MCOs you participate in.  If they qualify for Medical Assistance, they will need to choose a MCO and can select you as their primary care provider.  If you are not enrolled as a Medicaid provider and want to participate Click Here:
  • Always check the Eligibility Verification System (EVS) to obtain patients’ MCO and eligibility status at the time of each appointment.  Call (EVS) at 1-866-710-1447.  If you have registered for eMedicaid you can check eligibility on-line at