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Biocontainment Laboratories Oversight Workgroup


During the 2012 legislative session, Senate Bill 758 was proposed to establish a Containment Laboratory Oversight Division that would function as the sole State governmental entity to regulate, license, and provide oversight for private and academic biosafety containment laboratories throughout Maryland. However, due to the complexity of the issues involved, it was determined that additional study was needed.
Accordingly, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) will convene a Containment Laboratories Oversight Workgroup to assess community concerns regarding the health and safety issues associated with biosafety containment laboratories operating in the State and to identify any gaps that may exist in the State’s regulatory oversight of these facilities. This will include an assessment of the physical plant location, design, maintenance, and scientific operation balanced against the public health risks associated with biosafety containment laboratories. The Workgroup will also assess the potential for the streamlining of containment laboratory regulations and the regulatory oversight performed by State government.  The Workgroup will meet for a period of one year and will subsequently report its findings and recommendations to the Senate Finance and House Health and Government Operations Committees by June 30, 2013.