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The Division of Cost Accounting (DCA) is charged with the following fiscal responsibilities.
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DCAR is responsible for establishing charges for services rendered by DHMH providers and inpatient facilities.
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DCAR is responsible for the annual preparation of the Medicare and Medicaid federal cost reports for the DHMH facilities.  The purpose of these cost reports is to obtain federal fund reimbursement for all allowable DHMH inpatient costs.
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The Division also prepares and submits the Department’s Federal Indirect Cost Report that is used to obtain federal grant award reimbursement for the Department’s indirect costs as defined by federal guidelines.
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DCAR is responsible for the annual reconciliation of all PCIS payments.
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The Division is also responsible for the administration of the post audit settlement process for all provider audits performed by the DHMH Audit Division.
Budget Estimates Forms: 

The following Forms are Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF and Excel Documents.  To view or open, please select one of the following:
Forms commonly used by the twenty-four Local Health Departments
Forms commonly used by the Private Vendors
Forms Commonly used by the Fee Payment System Vendors
Contract Related Forms Commonly used by Human Services Providers

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Our Staff
Lillian Taylor, Deputy Chief DCA (410) 767-5129

Dorothy Clawson (410) 767-6062
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Fee Coordination and PCIS II Payments
Nedina Broy-Stevenson (410) 767-5138
Cost Accounting/Audits/Reconciliation
John Nathan (410) 767-7057
Moses Eriakha (410) 767-6003